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Cooling Tower

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1) Cooling Tata body all stainless steel manufacturing, patented design, 8 discs simultaneous up and down, large output, small stereotype, ultra cost price, the same yield, one machine is equivalent to 4 in the current market.

2) Has a function of one machine, the product is high temperature cooling, fermentation, and online buffer (for the fermentation environment).

3) The tower is highly open along the tower to facilitate natural wind into the tower body.

4) Manual, automatic one, easy control, mute operation, reliable performance.

5) Automatic intelligent control, efficient energy saving, suitable for large limit continuous production.

6) Compliant with the national food sector's requirements for food safety, suitable for automation production of food (such as moon cake, burger, cake, etc.), with production line operation.

Cooling Tower

(Note: The actual height can be tailored according to customer requirements, and each time you go to the top, you can enter the furnace.)

Size (mm) (WXDXH)

Voltage (V)

Power (kW)

Baked Dimensions (mm)

Every time you enter the disc


380v3n ~




Committed to R & D automation lines, Qualibake is a comprehensive modern equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service.


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