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2600 automatic proportional tunnel oven

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Continuous baking type, suitable for manufacturers of food industry, more products, can cooperate with pipeline production, improve efficiency, and have stable product quality, and the appearance is unified. It meets the requirements of the national food sector to food safety. The baking time can be adjusted according to different products, and the transmission speed is adjustable. It can be equipped with a PLC smart control system, fully intelligent control, and pre-store multi-group parameters for fully automated.
Baking range: bread, cake, pen, moon cake, etc.

1)Material (appearance, inner throat, chain): All stainless steel, caching the pressure baked to the furnace for a long time to ensure that the internal and external plates are not deformed, improve corrosion resistance, chain plate delivery, large roller carbon steel chain plus gold envelope transmission, high temperature, wear resistance.

figure 2

2)Inner: Adopting the vault design (this design has been applied for patent, patent number: ZL 2012 30159711.5), uniform thermal radiation, natural convection, no circular dead angle, get rid of conventional furnace circulating fan, uniform temperature, so that the bakery product is uniform To achieve the most perfect baking effect.

Figure 3: Caving design

3)structure: Hotfire reflection design (this design has been applied for patent, patent number: ZL 2012 30159705X), prevents the furnace shift, deformed, increase the operating life of the stove, and ensure the product baking effect.

4)Control System: Convert to temperature signals by temperature sensor induction furnace. After the signal line is transmitted to the thermostat, the thermostat microcomputer signal is processed, the output instruction gives the proportional controller, and the proportional controller makes the air ratio adjustment. At the same time, the angle (0-90 degrees) of the air proportional valve is opened on the thermostat control palette. The air proportional valve is opened while opening the signal tube, and the air flow signal is transmitted to the gas propeller valve, the gas proportional valve synchronous air proportional valve adjusts the flow of the gas.

The entire proportion control is automatically adjusted by the temperature signal, the high-speed burner flame size, reaches the balance point of the automatic adjustment temperature. At the same time, the purpose of energy saving is achieved. Only one fire is only one fire, the temperature of the temperature is labeled. (How much heat is required for the product to provide much heat, thereby achieving efficient energy saving purposes.

There is a set of hot air circulation systems per 2 meters to make the furnace temperature to be uniform, and the stove can be adjusted to be optimized.


5)Insulation Materials: High-performance ceramic fiber blanket, aluminum silicate rock plate, the top plate of the furnace, the left and right side plate bottom plates, the thickness of the left and right panels is not less than 235 mm, the thermal insulation effect is good, during use, the outer surface temperature of the furnace is close to normal temperature, to ensure the production workshop The temperature is not affected by the equipment, ensuring the physical and mental health of employees, and improves production workshop.

(Note: The length is determined according to the actual production needs and the size of the site)


2600 automatic proportional gas tunnel furnace

Size (mm)

Conventional boringe 2600 specification

(L × 3536 × 1600)


Liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas

Air pressure

Normal operation 2.5kpa ~ 3.5kpa

Gas-up / hour

The full load oil gas consumption is 3.0 kg / m / hour (the above is the theoretical value, the actual air consumption due to the objective conditions such as product size, thickness, water content, product baking time, etc., the average energy consumption is generally (40- 60%)

Voltage (V)

380 three-phase communication

Power (kW)

Configuring the total power according to the actual production needs

Committed to R & D automation lines, Qualibake is a comprehensive modern equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service.


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