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Grilled wakes the combination furnace

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Wake the combination furnace on the upper layer, the upper layer is the five-plate hot air circulation furnace, and the lower layer is a ten bin fermentation box.

Performance features:

1) Computer board control, general instrument electrical control, etc., many different control methods, meet different production technology requirements.

2) The appearance uses stainless steel materials, beautiful and durable, and it is more ready to understand the baking and fermentation in the glass door;

3) Microelectronics control technology, full, and accurately adjust multiple functions;

4) Configure the fan in the hot air circulation furnace to configure the fan, and the heat distribution is uniform, ensuring the quality of the baking;

5) The height of the furnace can be free to adjust, and it is suitable for the product of different shapes;

6) The hot air circulation furnace is provided with automatic spray steam, automatic temperature control temperature, etc., so that the application is more convenient;

7) Suitable for baking bread, cake, moon cake, toast, legal stick, etc. It is the preferred equipment such as hotel, hotel, bar, supermarket, cake house, school, troops, factory and other preferred equipment.

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