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Gas mixed proportional tunnel oven

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Continuous baking type, suitable for manufacturers of food industry, more products, can cooperate with pipeline production, improve efficiency, and have stable product quality, and the appearance is unified. It meets the requirements of the national food sector to food safety. The baking time can be adjusted according to different products, and the transmission speed is adjustable. It can be equipped with a PLC smart control system, fully intelligent control, and pre-store multi-group parameters for fully automated.
Baking range: bread, cake, pen, moon cake, etc.

1)Material (appearance, inner throat, chain):Internal and external stainless steel, caching the pressure baked to the furnace for a long time to ensure that the internal and external sheets do not deform, improve corrosion resistance, chain plate conveying, large roller carbon steel chain plus gold envelope transmission, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance.

2)Naburo:With the vault design (this design has been applied for patent, patent number: ZL 2012 30159711.5), uniform thermal radiation, natural convection, no circulation dead angle, get rid of conventional furnace circulating fan, uniform temperature, so that the baking product is uniform, Reach the most perfect baking effect.

Figure 4: Caving design

3)structure:Hotfire reflation design (this design has been applied for patent, patent number: ZL 2012 30159705X), prevents the furnace shift, deformed, increase the operating life of the stove, and ensure the product baking effect.

4)Control System:With Omron, Schneider, Siemens, Delta and other international cutting-edge electronic accessories brand, high quality use configuration, so that you should use your daily use. Intelligent control, the operating system is simple, and the alarm light and alarm are configured to prevent misuse. Anti-back fire safety control mode, automatic check of gas loss and fire failure alarm.

5) GAS combustion system: GAS forced combustion system + automatic fire ignition system, ensuring gas fully burning, automatically control CO2Safety value. Each combustion rod can automatically detect the burning state, so that you will freely inspect the trouble of test failure; if you reset it, you can use it to remove the fault, which is extremely convenient. Variety of gas variety, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas (LNG), COAL GAS). The air supply pressure is as high as 3500Pa, the performance is stable, and the operation is reliable.

6)Insulation Materials:High-performance ceramic fiber blanket, aluminum silicate rock plate, the top plate of the furnace Not subject to equipment, protect employees' physical and mental health, and improve production workshop.

7)Hot air circulation system: Increase the flow and heat exchange time of the furnace in the unit time, improve the heating speed of the baking product, achieving the purpose of environmental protection; can be opened or closed according to the process requirements of the baking product, or partially open, partially open , Can be flexibly applied according to the requirements of the barrier.

(Note: The length is determined according to the actual production needs and the size of the site)



Inner width


Arrange heat


Four traces

Gas type



123200kcal / m

Three-phase 380V

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